Problems Worth Solving

Hospitals / Surgical Centers

1. Poor inventory control: Solve It

Supply rooms that look like these can appear to be organized but there is a difference between organized and inventory control. For cycle counting to be accurate and effective the supply chain staff would have to count the amount on hand in every bin, every day.

2. Poor supply documentation in procedures: Solve It

Documenting supply usage in procedures is cumbersome for clinical staff and inaccurate. Supplies have multiple barcodes, GTIN databases are about 60% complete, and perpetual inventories rely on clincial staff accurately recording supplies used.

3. Gaps in strategy / initiatives and execution: Solve It 

Large scale strategy and department iniatives are pagued with poor execuiton. The lack of a detailed operations plan gives even a good strategy or iniative a 96% chance of failing.

4. Failures in cross functional processes: Solve It

Large cross functional process projects can fail without department neutral project leadership. The art of change management is difficult to accomplish when any department / function is perceived as making emotion based decision making over data driven decisions. Only 9% of managers say hey can rely on colleagues in other functional areas.

Healthcare Suppliers


1. Poor implementation / intergration of product or service: Solve It

If your product or service is part of a broken process the ability to get maxmum adoption is greatly dimished.

2. Inadequate sales staff for growth / key accounts uncovered: Solve It

Leaving key accounts uncovered or hiring sales permanent sales support into new regions can be risky.