Our Advantages


Reasonable rates in comparison to large consulting firms

Large consulting firms can charge hundreds of dollars per hour for junior staff with no operational experience. pH Consultants has operational experts for much less.

Engagments that are tailored to each customers specific set of cicumstances

Large / medium size firms can retred the same recommendations and presentaions to multiple customers. pH Consultants listens to the what make customers unique.

Project managment that acheives sustainable results through change management 

Large / medium size firms frequently make the recommedations and then leave the implementation exceution details to the operational leaders. pH Consultants pushes beyond recommendations to create detailed operations plans and helps faciltate through the culture change. 


Niche offerings to improve product / service adaptation through implementation improvement

pH Consultants will map processes and rollout an implementation that integrates the product or service into the customers operational process which increases standarization and adaptation.

Risk mitigation to grow sales force 

pH Consultants can keep key accounts covered while suppliers recruit sales staff. We can also provide sales support in growth markets.