Whether you are in formal education or informal Out-Of-School-Time spaces, you want the very best for your students and your staff. Organizations need the best inputs to get the best outputs. You need good advice, great training and innovations in your practices to ensure that you meet the ever evolving demands of the industry.

But time is at a premium. And your head is full of “to do” lists, which makes it hard to squeeze in strategic thinking or creating something new. Let GapLogic help you with your lift.

You need a thought partner. Someone to help you understand the landscape of your student population or the needs of your community. Someone to help you creatively solve a problem when you’re out of ideas. You need a coach. You need TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.

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Or you want a specific outcome for the kids you are teaching, so you need to skill up your staff. You’ve looked at all the “training” that the local agencies offer, and it’s not what you need. You want something that will change culture and practice within your staff. You need PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

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You have an opportunity for funding, but there’s no way you have time to write the grant, monitor the grant, collect data about the grant, or even write reports about the grant. You need WRITING AND GRANT SERVICES.

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Ensuring your program’s sustainability is a huge undertaking, so naturally you want to explore every resource available. Maybe you have an important meeting with a funder coming up and you want to really WOW them. Or a community partner that you want to work with has asked you to pitch the partnership at their board meeting, but you don’t know what to say that will make sure you close the deal. You need a slide deck and a slick one-pager, but you don’t have the time or the knowledge to create graphics or make a compelling pitch. You need BRANDING AND MESSAGING FOR SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES.

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You want to plan a conference for your large organization, a day of advocacy at the Statehouse, or an impressive site visit for a funder or legislator but don’t know where to start. You need EVENT PLANNING SERVICES.

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