Friends who met in high school, Nichelle and Patti have come a long way since they first worked together at a pizza chain in their hometown of Lancaster, Ohio.

They pursued different career paths, Patti serving in the military and Nichelle working in non-profit, but built a business together based on an internal drive to improve health care and education systems… the systems that everyone uses.

Patti is now a leader, innovator and entrepreneur in hospital administration. Nichelle is an expert on adult learning strategies, informal youth education and non-profit management. Together they support clients by identifying problems, sharing ideas and finding innovative solutions.

Patricia Hoch, CEO

Patti is the founder of GapLogic, a healthcare and education consulting firm. Patti has a proven track record in healthcare innovation and is known for creating change agents through her thought leadership, strategic direction, cultural transformation, and creative solutions to complex problems. With over 20 years of experience, Patti has been instrumental in launching products, changing organizational culture to one of innovation and growth, and transforming strategic direction. She specializes in healthcare operations, supply chain, and information technology. Patti consults with organizations to improve the performance of their organizations by designing more efficient processes; optimizing their information technology infrastructure; standardizing best practices across their facilities.

As national expert in healthcare and she has implemented groundbreaking innovation in facilities like The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center and private healthcare tech companies. She has led the development of advanced technology solutions, such as capital cycle management, automating strategic sourcing, and deploying manufacturing inventory management techniques in hospitals. GapLogic was formed with the vision to change industry business practice versus individual facility business practice. 

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Nichelle Harris, COO

As COO and Principal Education Consultant for GapLogic, Nichelle is committed to helping non-profit and education organizations improve their processes so that they can make a difference in the world. With over 30 years of experience in management and education within the nonprofit sector, Harris is a sought-after expert who is well-equipped to provide expert insights and guidance. 

Prior to joining GapLogic, Harris served as Managing Director of Education for the YWCA Columbus where she was responsible for overseeing over 100 OST professionals in 20 different educational programs serving children aged 0-13. Nichelle helped her education team mitigate the risks and navigate the challenges that resulted in COVID from 2020-2022. In this role, Harris also helped develop the YWCA’s first ever education policy agenda.

Nichelle also served as the Executive Director of the Ohio Afterschool Network for over 4 years. Nichelle lead the state as the only advocacy voice of Afterschool and Summer Learning programs in Ohio. Nichelle lead meetings and built training opportunities for hundreds of professionals across the state by creating both the OAN Regional Hub system and OAN’s Best Foot Forward conference, the first and only statewide conference for all Afterschool professionals in Ohio. Through her work at OAN, Nichelle built strategic partnerships and coalitions to collaborate on initiatives that advance the field of Out-Of-School time.

For 30 years Nichelle has advocated for the investment of funding and resources in school-age children and the programs and adults that support them. She is an industry innovator, a confident and authentic speaker, experienced trainer, and a thoughtful mentor and coach.

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